Transcriptomic data for 277 lung, colon, stomach and kidney cancer cell lines was obtained from Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer dataset ( and UMAP analysis was performed using Cluster 1 gene set (ACE2, LDHA, IL23A, IL2RA, IL10, IL7, CALCA, HDGF, CCL5, CXCL17, EGF, CXCL5, IL1R1, and TGFA). Clusterization is described in the original manuscript (). For initial NSCLC analysis transcriptomic data from 8 NCSLC datasets GSE3141, GSE19804, GSE2109, GSE18842, GSE33532, GSE19188, GSE43580, GSE63074. Since GSE63074 dataset showed significant batch effect it was removed from final analysis. UMAP was performed using Python library (, appropriate codes are provided (Github). Cluster analysis for UMAP data was performed using HDBSCAN algorithms.